Clearing Your Babys Nose Using Baby Nose Clear

When you want to clear your blocked baby nose, you can use a baby nose clear. This will therefore relieve the baby of cold. Infant nasal congestion is a common phenomenon which is caused by colds and allergies and has various effects such as a runny nose, difficulty in breathing and sleeping among others. For help in clearing your babys nose you can visit

Baby nose clear has a range of natural remedies that can help to clear your babys nose. It clears breathing and leads to restful sleep and easier feeding. They are as follows.

Organic massage oil
Nourishing natural massage oil is responsible for relaxation and helps to ease congestion. It contains the following properties.

It is antibacterial, capable of decongestion and relaxation.

It contains nourishing organic sunflower oil.

It is contained in a bottle that is easy to spray.

It has a refreshing aroma derived from the gentle essential oils used.

It can be used for babies for the age of three.

When using this massage oil, a special action that involves massaging the back, sinuses and chest helps to clear congestion. This kind of oil is gentle on the babys skin which is delicate and has naturally calming effect.

In order to get the best results you need to incorporate it in to your bedtime routine of clearing the babys nose. You first of all have to suction the nose which you can do with the help of a nasal aspirator. And room vapour.

When massaging your baby avoid the following for the sake of his or her health.

Massaging the babys collar bone, spine and the front part of the neck or navel.

Getting the oil in to the babys eyes.

Massaging when there is inflammation or bruising.

It is important to confirm with the doctor if you are not sure about anything.