Considering Overlap When Buying PVC Strip Doors

PVC strip doors are the perfect solution if you have a doorway which requires constant access and yet you do not wish to lose heat or energy from a building. PVC strip doors are also designed to keep the elements such as wind and rain out. There are different weights of strip doors and the right one for your business will depend on the type and volume of the traffic which is intending to use it.

Personnel Strip Doors –
Doors which are intended for use by personnel can afford to be made of a lighter strip with less of an overlap. This makes access easier but the smaller the strip, the less wind resistance the door will offer. Consider choosing something like a 6 or 8 inch strip with 33% to 67% overlap.

Pallet Truck Access –
Pallet trucks will require a heavier duty strip with a larger overlap. However, please remember that usually there is personnel walking with the pallet truck and so the strip cannot go too heavy in weight and overlap. Consider using a 6 inch strip with a 67% overlap.

Forklift Truck Access –
This is classed as heavy duty use and as such you should consider an 8 inch strip width with a 50 100% overlap.