Free Music Downloads are Readily Available

There are many sites out there that offer free music downloads. They enable you to rip the music off of YouTube and put the music in your library. You can collect this music by keeping it all on you computers hard drive. Hard drives have been getting larger as the decades go on. When the hard drives get larger the media has more quality.

Now that digital storage is surplus throughout the world; they are able to make blu-rays for everyone. Blu-Ray Rippers are being used more and more throughout the world. They make the rips available on torrent sites. These sites work by giving the user a hash code that gives you access to all of the people sharing the file peer to peer. You can be getting Free Music Downloads; a single file from upwards of a thousand people. This makes it easy for DDOS attacks to occur.

You are displaying your IP address to the entire torrenting population. They are able to find a rough location of you and then hack into you computer. This is easy for someone with minimal knowledge of computer networks to do. In fact most of the people doing this are under the age of 13. There are many other places you can get free music downloads.