Gearing Up For New Years

New Years is an amazing holiday and everyone gets so excited for it. It is a lot of fun and helps people try to start a new good habit or to drop a bad one. The thing is that everyone wants to go out on New Years and this can make it very hard to find a place to go. All the bars and restaurants are going to be very busy so what you need to do is plan a head so that you can have the type of night that you want. NYC is already a busy place but it is also the capital is New Years and gets even more busy that other places. For example, I have been looking to get tickets for a bar and restaurant experience for New Years at one of the many UWS restaurants. So far it has resulted in finding tickets that start at $100 a person, which is kind of expensive. I think that is a fair price but when you are young it can be a little bit of money. If you are also looking for a place then just go on the internet and check out the restaurants website for the Upper West Side. I looked at CorvoBianco among others.

Part of my groups problem is that we are going to have a large number of people, almost twenty, which limits the places that we can go to if we want food. We need to find a place that has a large amount of space and is wide open, but will still have tables out. I still have to do some digging for a few extra options, but so far we have at least three places that seem like they will work. Good luck with your plans and enjoy your New Years