How Long Should You Practice Singing?

During singing lessons, we are often asked how long should a student practice singing at home.

Many professional and serious amateur musicians spend long hours honing their musical skills and technique. It is not unusual for a piano player to spend four or even six or eight hours at the keyboard on a regular basis, especially before a big performance or competition.

But our singing voice is a different type of instrument, because it is part of our body.

Imagine the vocal chords to be a muscle that you want to develop.

Let’s compare it to other muscles in the body. If you want to strengthen and improve your muscles, you may join a gym to work out.
But if you work out for long periods, most likely you would tire fast, and possibly even do damage. Imaging you wanted to develop your thigh muscle at this gym – it would make no sense to try to do 4 hours of leg squats, your legs would just give way.

So the vocal chords are just the same – yes they need exercise and development, but in moderation.

Everybody has a different body, so it is difficult to give exact guidelines for how long to practice, but one or two hours should be enough for most people.

Also just like you don’t work on the same muscles at the gym every day, it is best to have rest days in between training sessions, so in total say four days a week would be a schedule that is not too demanding on your vocal chords.