Migrating From Microsoft Access to MySQL

First question is do you really have to migrate to MySQL? Using MySQL server as a data storage in place of Microsoft Access provides multiple users access: high performance, cross-Platforming, many advantages, strong security system and a whole lot more. Therefore, if you’re creating a sophisticated multi-user system, you definitely have to migrate data from Usage of MySQL.

But when MS-ACCESS data can be used with a single user and the data file is merely copied into a new device when it needs to be moved, there is very little advantage to using MySQL in such a situation.

There’s the conventional way to migrate Microsoft Access data to MySQL server. MS-ACCESS can move its tables to many different formats, including ODBC. Applying this feature you will have the ability to export an Access table to MySQL via Connector/ODBC ODBC driver supplied by MySQL AB. To migrate MS Access table to MySQL server right-click on the table and select “Export” option. After several ways your computer data is going to be released to MySQL. There are data migration services online as well.

Is this technique enough for you personally? If your MS Access database is small and does not have complex structure, the answer is “yes”. Usually, you need to be aware that Access won’t export catalog information using the data. You will need certainly to create indexes in your tables manually after exporting them. Also there are some difference in data types between Microsoft Access and MySQL.