My Dream Hair Salon

I have been a hairstylist for the past ten years and I finally went for my dreams last year. I opened my own store front salon on this beautiful street in Melbourne. The first year was a bit of trial and error, as most new business owners quickly come to realize. But overall it has been all I could hope for and more. What I decided to do is send out an e-mail to all my clients and ask for any suggestions they may have to make their experience at my salon that much better for them. I was surprised to hear that most clients are quite satisfied but there were a some great suggestions I could run with. One of the suggestions I decided to act upon immediately. How do I create a bit more privacy from the streets of the hustle and bustle. I thought to myself, YouTube has everything, lets get some ideas. I did some research on the internet and came across a helpful site, window tinting. Here I found my solution. I needed to get some for my store front. It is going to supply the sense of privacy my clients rightfully deserve, while allowing the window front not to closed up completely.

I got in contact with the company and I went ahead with the installation, what a difference it has made! I understand exactly where my clients concerns were coming from. You plan an afternoon at the salon to be pampered and you dont want yourself on display for the city. But then again you dont want to feel like you are absent from the world. I look forward to seeing what other suggestions my clients have for me. I hope to make their experience in my dream salon a memorable day. Then I can say that all of my dreams came true.