New Technology, New Innovation, To Better The Way You Live

New technology, new innovation, to better the way you live.
Even as you are sleeping, somebody out there is discovering something new, every single day there is innovation of new products, new manufacturing and production techniques. Researchers and scientist worldwide are working themselves tirelessly with only one aim, to make this world a better place to live.

Galaxy Note 10.1

Though it is aimed at helping people with mobility impairment in communication, this amazing device controlled with mind activity can be well appreciated in the world market. The users will be able to use their thoughts to open applications, send messages, add songs to the play-lists and even handle many other applications in their phones with their new vested power of mind control.

Street lighting to transform to glowing dark paths

Star path resurfaces as a material and is being tested, it absorbs ultraviolet light during the day and later in the night, emits blue light illuminating the walkways. The particles that glow are painted in existing paths turning dark roads to stretches of bright color, making overhead lighting unnecessary. This is an assurance to towns to keep the towns safely lit all through the night, reducing the cost of having street lights. According to the council of Cambridge city, this technology can be spread to other regions of the city on success of star path. For instance this technology, can be used to light lanes such as bike lane. More info here.