Tips For Choosing A Dog Kennel Whilst You’re On Holiday

One clear advantage that pet owners enjoys in choosing a dog kennel to board their pet whilst they are on holiday is that the trained boarding staff are there to find signs of illness that friends, relatives and neighbors are not. Some signs of illness are quite difficult to spot to the untrained eye. These include: Lethargy, blood in the urine, blood in the stools. Of course, choosing a facility where staff members are knowledgeable of current dog health developments is important.

Below are some tips for choosing a right dog kennel Service:

* Physically visit the prospective kennel to check whether it is clean or does it smell? Kennels should not smell, and they should not have any parasites, dirt, or a buildup of feces. They should be disinfected regularly, preferably with professional disinfectants.

* Dog boarding Detroit has a policy where visitors are not allowed in the area where dogs are kept. This policy is generally in the favor of the pets, as people can bring in diseases and bacteria because they don’t follow the same stringent disinfecting that the staffs are trained in.

* Phone a boarding kennel first to see if they can take your dog. Because during holiday season good boarding kennels are already filled. So it’s better to book a good kennel beforehand.