Your Expert Guide To Certified Loose Diamonds

If you are a first time diamond buyer, there are several options available to you. Finding an ideal diamond or diamonds for an engagement band, solitaire necklace, or possibly a pair of earrings might be a daunting task. All gemstones seem beautiful but they each have their flaws, differences in coloration and variations in price to establish it. There are many business terms used on jewelry sites that can be frustrating if you do not possess any knowledge about diamonds. Here are some helpful hints to simplify your search of loose diamonds.

Purchasing certified loose diamonds online is a wonderful way to invest money. However, I would advise that you just see a jewelry store in-person. You can apply this research to your online purchase. A certified loose diamond is just a diamond that is assessed by a third-party lab. They issue each diamond a certificate which details the specifics the stone. A certificate is really not an assessment of the diamond, it reads like a blue print.

The most widely utilized laboratory is GIA. This represents the Gemological Institute of America. GIA is not just the most commonly used lab but it’s the oldest, established in 1931. These were the first ever to make the four C’s grading scale. The four C’s can be used by every important company to detail their diamond’s Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat for quality purposes.